PS4 Colored LED Indicator Double Vibration Anti Slip Grip Game Controller With 6.5ft Cable

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PS4 Colored LED Indicator Double Vibration Anti Slip Grip Game Controller With 6.5ft Cable

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PS4 Colored LED Indicator Double Vibration Anti Slip Grip Game Controller With 6.5ft Cable

  • 【Super Compatibility Design】The wired controller is equipped with the latest motion-sensing technology, built-in 3D gyroscope, and accelerometer, which can achieve intelligent matching with PS4 / PS4 Pro / PC (Win7/8/8.1/10), and does not require any additional operations. You can enjoy various games on different platform.( Attention:The controller is not suitable for Mac systems)
  • 【Optimized Button & High-Sensitive Controller Design】The layout of gamepad button is optimized with excellent dual analog joystick design. And the ergonomic controller is highly sensitivity, with reduced response time and improved accuracy at critical moments.NOTE: NO touch and NO voice funtions!
  • 【Plug And Play Design】The wired controller very simple to use too. Don’t have to install any programs or download any apps or go through any setup process, just plug it in and start up the game.(note:please hit the home button and the share button simultaneously to actually get the controller to sync up)
  • 【 Ergonomic Design】The cable length 6.5ft is long enough that I you sit at a comfortable distance from the PS4. The grip is made of non-slip and sweatproof materials. The surface is non reactive to the skin, due to ts design and the material used , the controller grip actually reduces response time and improved accuracy at critical moments.
  • 【New Way to Play Design 】The addition of the Share button makes sharing your greatest gaming moments as easy as a push of a button. Upload gameplay videos and screenshots directly from your system or live-stream your gameplay, all without disturbing the game in progress.
Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

PS4 Colored LED Indicator Double Vibration Anti Slip Grip Game Controller With 6.5ft Cable

Sefitopher Wired Controller Compatible for PS4 Playstation 4/pro/Slim/PC/Laptop with Functions Such as Vibration, Colored LED Indicator, Double Vibration and Anti Slip Grip,6.5ft Cable Length (Blue) - Buy Online - 165350214

Sefitopher Wired Controller Compatible for PS4 Playstation 4/pro/Slim/PC/Laptop with Functions Such as Vibration, Colored LED Indicator, Double Vibration and Anti Slip Grip,6.5ft Cable Length (Blue) : Amazon.ca: Video Games

PS4 Controller Wireless Bluetooth Controller Joystick For PS4 Playstation 4 FAT SLIM PRO with Six-axis, Bluetooth, Audio Function, Mini LED Indicator, with USB Cable : Amazon.in: Video Games


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29 reviews for PS4 Colored LED Indicator Double Vibration Anti Slip Grip Game Controller With 6.5ft Cable

  1. S Gomez

    Great budget controller

    The build quality of the controller is nice and sturdy, similar to the official dual-shock controller. Controls are nice and responsive. The only thing that I would love it to have would be an audio port, but for the price one can't complain.

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  2. Lauren

    Worth every cent!!!

    Wow, was not expecting it to be as high quality as it turned out to be. From what I've played with it so far I have not had any issues, and it feels really nice as well. For the 18 bucks I spent I would buy this again without a second thought, and, as of now, I honestly preference this controller to my other more expensive controllers.

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  3. Asia

    For the most part..

    This remote did what it was suppose to do, it worked for the ps4 and it would have lasted longer if my kids weren’t so rough with things. The wires immediately started coming out and before I knew it, we had an “wireless” remote. So for the price, you can’t beat it. It works great BUT if you have 6 year old twins who just don’t care about anything, don’t waste your money on this remote or any other remote.

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  4. Shawn Turner

    Solid controller that as long as you don't mind a cord, is perfect.

    Great product for the price. Will buy another in a couple weeks for when my niece wants to play mk lol.

  5. Joshua Longbons

    Great buy for you money.

    This is a great controller for the pc it’s plug and play. You get the same comfort compared to more expensive controllers.

  6. anyelo

    Works great! just like the original controller

    Works just like the original controller for the PS4. Also, I use to play games on my computer and it works great as well. Totally worth the money.

  7. Laura Rowley

    Wonderful value

    I love the price and quality of this controller. My kids love the wired and prefer it over the more expensive wireless ones that don't charge after awhile. Great value and fast shipping!

  8. A. wilson

    Great purchase

    Purchased this for my son and he loves it. He has a PS4 and this works great just plugged in and began playing. Controller is very sturdy and has a very nice design.

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  9. James

    Great controller for the price

    I am very happy I chose this controller. They price is great, the controller is durable, good design. Better than I thought for the price

  10. Ross Family

    Feels just like a brand ps4 controller very durable and cheap! Buy it its worth it!

    This is the 2nd controller from you guys qe actually bought 1 about 6 months ago and the kids love it, they are cheap they work well and are almost identical to the brand. So we bought this 2nd 1 just to have another back up. Good job guys!

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  11. Brent Kellohen

    Great wired controller

    This is a PS4 controller but I use it on my PC to play games on Steam. It runs into some issues being recognized by the Xbox app but works wonderfully for all other games.Build quality appears to be good. Have been using it to play Elden Ring and a few other games and haven't run into any issues. I've owned it for about two months now. Currently not experiencing any issues with any buttons or stick drift.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Its compatible with ps4/pc

    I just received this product and ill tell you this controller is perfect if your trying to take a break from the keyboard, just plug it in and play

  13. Shiana


    Awesome PS4 controller! I have no complaints. I don't think you can beat it for the price and it's nice to have a controller I don't have to charge all the time.

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  14. M

    Great controller, very well priced

    This controller works every bit as good as the much more expensive ones. Very simple to get it to sync with console. Good purchase

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  15. kenneth kent

    We've bought 4 and love them all.

    Can't be beat and especially for the price.

  16. The Parente’s

    Works great

    Works, great value.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Works great with low price

    No problems with controller but did not work for my special purpose on my computer. (Gyro on Fortnite.) It could have just been my settings...

  18. cataSTRophic__ttv

    Definitely worth the money

    If your looking for a good controller look no more cause this one is great.

  19. Jaylin Hall

    A very nice and affordable controller

    A surprisingly good controller for its price. Can be used on PS4 or PC that brings a nice feel and weight to your hands and is very durable. A recommended controller for those needing something that is both quality and inexpensive in comparison to other controllers.

  20. mary

    Great value.

    I bought this for my kids and it is completely compatible with ps4 .they absolutely enjoy their new controllers.

  21. chris w

    Same as a ps4 controller quality

    Great quality controller! Vibration and controls works like the original ps4 controller. Would buy again

  22. Kirstin

    Great for the price!!

    This product is wonderful for the price. It works well and is easy to use. I would definitely but this again!!

  23. Sam medina jr

    Update......Appropriately priced. quality and price range are a good match.

    Update... recently controller buttons L1 and L2 stop working I contacted Seller. With NO hesitation at all customer service told me that that they were sending me a replacement at no cost!!! 100% recommend this seller. Awesome and hassle free customer service!!! 10-21-2021I initially bought this controller for my laptop for my emulator. but found myself using it for console and desktop. overall it is appropriately priced you absolutely get what you pay for in the most positive of ways. I am happy with my purchase and you will be as well.

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  24. Kindle Customer

    Great and cheap!

    I love this controller! The led light matched with the led for a DualShock4! Everything felt great. My only problem is the sticks had a strange texture. I really liked it though.

  25. brandi

    Good remote

    Bought the remote for my son , he was very happy with the remote quality he received. Shipping time was good as well. No complaints happy with our product !

  26. nancy

    great value for accessories for gaming

    I bought one of these after already purchasing one from another company and had it for about a month when my granddaughter dropped it a couple times and it broke, so this one I had bought for my granddaughter's computer gaming so ended up with her using this one when the other one quit working from being dropped a couple times. They appear very similar in construction but assured her that if she drops this one like the other one and breaks it, I will not be buying her another one...the other one was a blue/black one, and one of the buttons must have popped out when she dropped it. I hope this one is more sturdy than the other one even though the other one did endure quite a bit as you know kids are tough on controllers. She has a wireless one but prefers the wired ones for some reason, maybe it has to do with the charging thing, so it's nice to have one that is wired and doesn't need charging.Update, these are a great value for the price, and in the description they state you need to do an internet search for the WoK Xinput Emulator so these work on the PC. I did do a search for this program and only found the Woj Xinput Emulator. After searching on their website, in the product description for these, they state to email them for the program. It would be nice if the company provided the link with the product, like the 'Lucky Card' that I got with each one, guess I am lucky. I'd really like to get this thing to work as a PS4 controller on the PC as of right now Windows 10 thinks it's an xbox one controller so it's frustrating.So my only suggestion is the company provide the link after you purchase the item for their controllers, other then that, they are a great value. Still waiting for the program to be sent to me via email, so will update this when and if they respond.

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  27. carol miller

    Works as good as a more expensive controller.

    I bought for my grandson. He says that he likes it better then the original controller. It fits in his hands better. He likes the color of it. Makes playing the game better.

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  28. Kristi

    PS4 Controller

    Product works as described as a ps4 controller. The packaging was damaged and the box looked like it had been open but that did not affect the product. Son was pleased that it worked so well.

  29. FilmGirl22

    Great price and value

    I needed a ps4 controller i could secure at my job because I manage a gaming area at a school. Plugged it in and it worked great. A great alternative to wireless controllers if you need to save money.

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