Thumb Stick Grip

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These thumb grip caps extend the normal length of your controller analog sticks to help with easier the thumb grip now

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Thumb Stick Grip



  • Nice pattern, add comfort to gameplay and keep fingers from slipping.
  • Compatible for PS4 PS3 for Xbox and Switch Pro controllers.


Package include:

4pcs Thumb Grip Caps


Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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80 reviews for Thumb Stick Grip

  1. Will H

    I’d say I’m playing better

    These are pretty good. I like how they have a strong grip when I play. I feel I’m accurate when I’m playing games like fortnite, cod, and Apex. Although, I think the price for them is a bit high. I’d rather pay $13-$15.

  2. Jacob Webster

    Not for me but are high quality

    This product has been sworn by, by many streamers, YouTube influencers, and even a few of my buddies but the product simply just isn’t for me. I feel as if my hands may not be big enough to use this product. I’m capable of placing my thumbs overtop of the control freaks but it’s a little uncomfortable and with uncomfort, comes problems. I felt as if it made my gaming worse rather then better. But I’ve heard so many positive things about this product I couldn’t give it a negative review. As I did acclimate to them on my ps4 controller they were a smidge comfortable at still movement. Beautiful finish, and easy installation once again just not for me.

  3. Amarrion Houser

    Does it does

    Breaks kinda easy

  4. Ericochoa56

    Recommend to to improve aim.

    I bought these to play apex legends and cod. I noticed how I started being more accurate with my shots and movement. These took no more than 10 minutes to get used to. Im a heavy gamer when playing but they don’t seem to pop of when playing and feel supper comfortable. 5 stars from me!

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  5. Dominique Scorzafava

    Best thumb grips

    This pair is my favorite type of kontrol freeks. They work great for every game type, especially FPS. We originally had some for our ps4 but now got some to replace them and got some for our ps5 because it wasn’t as good without them. They last forever, we just replaced one pair after about 2 years and our other pair we got at the same time didn’t need to get replaced. It’s nice to have a high one to help with scoping but it’s better having the short one for running. And it’s a comfortable set up.

  6. Debra L Raley

    Gaming accuracy greatly improves

    Sweaty fingers on controllers cause fingers to slide off buttons. That does not happen now that we have put these on. Grandson’s accuracy and movements greatly improved with their application.

  7. C W

    Get these. They are good.

    At first i was unsure as to getting these. I thought they would be a complete waste of money. But after using them for about a month , i’ve noticed a huge difference in my aim. I’m more on target and when pressing the sticks in, the rubber grips help make my thumb hurt less. Glad i purchased them.

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  8. Lars Ulrich

    A dramatic improvement for the PS5 Dualsense controller

    To me the analog sticks on the Dualsense controller seem slippery and too short. I am an "older" gamer and the Dualsense analog sticks were making my thumbs hurt after playing for a while. After using these for a few weeks, I can't imagine going back to a stock controller. I am not a competitive gamer - I mostly play single player games and local mulitiplayer with my kids, but these are one of the best gaming accessories I've ever bought.

  9. Jeff_Franklin

    Kontrol Freaks Glaxay

    These are the only Kontrol Freaks I will use. Ordered them and they were delivered next day. Awesome.

  10. Charlie Mike

    Works Great

    Makes your PS4 controller more comfortable. Good replacement for the rubberized tip of the thumbstick on the controller which always deteriorates first.

  11. Patrick Hodges

    Good value, but not the game changer I hoped

    These work great until they pop off in the middle of the action. I like having a taller control stick, and overall these are very comfortable to use, but if you really want a game changer drop the money on a better controller with removable and replaceable control sticks that won't fall off. I suppose you could try gluing them, but I didn't feel that was worth messing up a good (not great) dualshock controller. I guess if you are like me and have avoided dropping the money on a better controller it doesn't hurt to try these and see how you like them as they are a great value at their price. You may end up just paying for the nicer controller like me also though. If I was going to go back to my dual shock I would use these again.

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  12. RJW


    Makes playing FPS games so much easier

  13. Honest Teej

    Love the Color, but weird to use.

    This is one of those things that take getting used too. Overall I didn't see any changes to my overall game play or that it helped but it did make cleaning easy as it kept the original thumb sticks clean and I could take these off and wash them. Compared to the PS5 controller thumb sticks and the xbox series s controller, these are just slightly softer but not by much. One of the joysticks is just a tad bit too tall. I understand the reasoning behind it but I feel like they overshot it a bit and if your hands are small it actually makes it harder to use the controller. Aside from this it was well made and I can see it being beneficial for people who have large hands or long fingers.

  14. Emmanuel Norris

    Expensive but worth it

    I didn’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling dropping so much money on what couldn’t cost more than a dollar to manufacture. But the joint in my left thumb started to ache while gaming, and figured I would give these a shot. Now I can game for hours and don’t feel any aches or pains. I don’t see any advantage in terms of getting higher scores due to better accuracy that some have reported. But for my use case, still a worthwhile purchase.

  15. Montana

    Once you go KontrolFreak...

    These are amazing and would recommend just for the grip alone. The "length" is hard to get used to at first, but after playing for a few hours you'll never want to go back. I definitely felt my aim improve.

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  16. Jeremy Simpson

    Great item to have for cod

    I always enjoy these for pc gaming cod with a ps4 controller.

  17. Kelli

    What the kid requested

    My 12 year old requested these as a gift card purchase he received for Christmas. He was very happy with these. The price is affordable and after he showed me their purpose he seems to be more comfortable playing. His play time is limited, but he is excited to have these to help drive a car on a game.

  18. Kris

    They’re worth it

    Third time buying these they’re really good and last a long time to be honest my second pair haven’t broken yet I just wanted a third pair for my other controller but I’ve had my second pair since December 25th and they still work and the right one only has a tiny tear but I play the game a lottttt so they should be destroyed but they’re very durable anyways 10/10

  19. Bianca S.

    It seems good!

    It’s very goood! Boyfriend loves it!

  20. Nancy Romero

    Would mos def buy again

    The media could not be loaded.

     Love em. They hook onto the joysticks which is legit. They don’t come off easy. Instantly made my game better. Get them!! And they’re at a cheap price and great quality build.

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  21. Chanel



  22. karrot

    Second time buying them they last

    10/10 great product wasn’t for it was for my brother

  23. Mike K

    As advertised

    Increases range of motion on your joystick and I definitely like the rubber grips. This allows you to up the sensitivity on your first person shooter of choice without losing much control. The taller stick will feel a bit "looser" but you definitely get used to it. For me this helped particularly in Destiny 2 where players were jumping above me and I wasn't able to look up and down quickly enough.I also tried the precision rings to try and bring back the resistance in the taller joystick, but I do not recommend them. They felt too stiff and it was hard to reach the outer limits of the joystick. I'd stick to just this accessory.

  24. Kip W

    Hugely Beneficial to Overall Success in FPS Titles

    This comes with 2 sticks to place on each of your analogs. If you have small hands, I recommend only putting the low-rise stick on your right-side analog for better grip and accuracy. If you have bigger hands, or can change your grip, the high-rise stick on the right-side analog is hugely beneficial for increasing range of motion and accuracy. I had to change my grip by using RB to shoot and LB to aim in, but when I did I was able to use the high-rise stick and nearly double my accuracy. The low-rise stick on the left side helps you with what is called “recoil smoothing”, which means your strafe from left to right negates the impact of vertical recoil for the weapon you are using. Lastly, do not be afraid to try aim labs on PC with your new controller setup. Pairing the Kontrol Freeks with controller aim training made me more confident and comfortable with my setup. Hope you give these a try!

  25. Luis Velazquez

    Does whatbits suppose to

    Products great. Came on time. Only thing was packaging was damaged a bit

  26. TH

    KontrolFreek 's customer service department deserves an award.

    I bought two pairs of these sticks to use the short ones because I love grip so much. One of the pairs had a loose stick, and made games unplayable because the stick cover slid freely around and popped off with slight pressure. I contacted them by email, not even going through Amazon, which is where I bought them. I'm seriously impressed with how they handled the situation. I got prompt replies, and when I couldn't provide a photo of the packing slip because I had already tossed it, they took my word for it and not only offered to refund me for the set, but also sent out a pair completely free of charge. That's how you keep a customer. I've used their product since 2012, when Black Ops 2 came out, and for the last 5 years I know I've been using a great product. Now I know ow I'm buying from a great company.As for the sticks themselves; they are very tactile and grippy. They work tremendously well for Dark Souls, CoD zombies, Battlefield, etc. They are seriously a worthy investment. I'll be buying the glow in the dark Zombies in Spaceland set today so I have yet another set of these awesome sticks.I also need to make note that on their Facebook page they are VERY responsive and have a great sense of humor collectively. It's always a pleasure interacting with their team. I highly recommend these to anyone considering them. Spoil yourself. Pull the trigger. You won't be upset.

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  27. D. Sookoo

    damages your controller

    this damages your controller to snap on .think twice in buying this please..

  28. Only Legit Reviews

    Definitely Buy but read what I have to say first

    Love these things definitely worth your money love the grip it gives, tho it feels weird the FIRST TIME I just needed some adjustments feels firm,feels good,and its such a unique kontrol freek/thumbstick you kinda got the little holes? on the edge so you can grab with your nails or the very tip of your finger/thumb if ever running out of thumbstick surface this is good so that you can still have precise aim and movement when playing games for those millisecond plays to clutch up what ever situation your in for that time being. If your new to these types of thing or dont know alot about them first if your new they will mess your regular aim/movement because they are made so you can move better and faster in a short distance as these are BASICALLY raised thumbsticks. You really just need to get use to these and any thumbsticks IF YOUR NEW.

  29. Truckin_phatman

    Theese are great.

    Love the low n mid tiers ones dont care for the high ones. Its personal preferance

  30. Nick Q.

    Essential for Call of Duty

    I've been playing with these performance thumbsticks for a few days, using them for several three-hour gaming sessions over this past weekend. I have enjoyed adjusting to using them for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the PS4. A few takeaways--(1) Turn up your in-game sensitivity settings. These thumbsticks add a significant range of motion, increasing the ability to which players can pinpoint their shooting. With low sensitivity settings, you will be merely slowing your sticks down to the point where they are unusable. For Modern Warfare, I am using a sensitivity level of 10 (high). It may take a while to get to such a high setting if you are playing on a low-to-mid sensitivity. I would suggesting increasing by one sensitivity level every three games. This will make the sensitivity shift gradual and more natural.(2) These sticks are offset--the right stick is meant to be a little higher than the left stick, as in most controller setups, the right stick is used for aiming when shooting, which requires greater control. I have mid-size hands and do not have issues with the taller stick. I would imagine for children (with smaller hands), the taller sticks would be problematic or uncomfortable.(3) Control sticks snap onto the controller and are removable. The connection is firm and when playing; I cannot notice anything odd or different.(4) Texture is slightly "gel-like". This allows for greater control and lessened chance of fingers slipping. I found that in longer gaming sessions, my thumbs encountered some stickiness on the joystick, perhaps due to sweat. I would not recommend these for those with overly sweaty hands.Overall, I would not consider this a must-buy for casual gamers. For those looking to improve their KDR in Call of Duty, these thumbsticks are a necessity, alongside a set of paddles adapters for your controller.

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  31. Christian

    Do what they are supposed to do. Work great!

    These are great. I own 2 pairs(different styles) and i gifted 2 pairs to 2 different people. I would say its worth the money. You keep your thumbsticks from messing up. They also have great grip to them( i have sweaty fingers so it works well for me) and they are durrable. I have used them for a year and a half and they still feel and look good. If you can get them at a discount i would highly recommend them.

  32. ronaldo rivera

    worked amazing

    very comfortable on the fingers and helped my ads way more

  33. Customer

    Not a game changer. It's a supplement.

    I only use the smaller sized one on my right joystick. I don't use anything on the left joystick. These definitely take some time getting used to since it adds height to the joystick. After about 24 - 48 hours of gaming, I got used to the kontrol freeks. It does add comfort and improves grip but not immensely since using a controller normally likely isn't uncomfortable to begin with. The increased percentile in 'kd' advertised on the product is completely false as there is no way to quantify such an improvement based on adding a piece of rubber on top of an analog stick. Overall, I think these are decent, they do add more comfort, but overall improvement in skill is very minimal, that comes down to practicing the game. I do also feel that these are overpriced and are definitely being boasted as 'game changing' In my opinion though, I do use this product and see some benefit but definitely nothing massive.

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  34. DBMG5_

    The only performance attachment I will ever use!

    They've always worked great for me and have clearly improved my accuracy.

  35. Tamon Davis

    Great quality and price

    I don’t have the left thumb stick one but the right one is absolutely great!

  36. Cheryl K

    Bought for teen child- work like a charm

    Ordered for teen child- likes the range of motion for gaming and seems to help with accuracy during game play- from what my child tells me.

  37. Bradyn Cole

    Great! definitely recommend buying

    Great product. Have made my accuracy a lot better and made games more enjoyable

  38. Ithzel

    Would Recommend

    My only complaint about these is that they don't have a very long life. They start to fall apart about a year after heavy use. But at the price point, you can't be mad. They do exactly what they are meant for perfectly.

  39. Mozfits

    I love these things.

    I’ve got these on both of my ps5 controllers and I had them on both of my PS4 controllers. It’s weird playing without them and when these wear out I’ll definitely be reordering.

  40. Ryan

    The thimbstick level is not adjustable.

    I was concerned the stick level was adjustable gladly it was not. It was comfortable and easy to use. It helped with Destiny 2's look 0-100 look sensitivity. The dead zone activaton is nice.

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  41. Herlin Martinez

    It good

    It feels weird at first but 1 week later I’m good I can shoot better i play better overall it a 9.7 out of 10

  42. Raul

    High rise is too much.

    These grips are amazing. They feel very comfortable and do not hurt your thumbs after a long time of gaming such as the default joystick. The high rise is not recommended if you use your thumb to press any of the shape buttons rapidly for your thumb grips to it and is difficult to slide it off and press one of the buttons. The shorter of the two is actually what I use for my right joystick and nothing on my left. This has improved my aim significantly and I am finding it easier to menuever the right joystick as a result of the comfort. Overall the medium rise is amazing but the high rise not so much for games such as fortnite.

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  43. Tim

    Great thumbstick for PS5

    It's good practice to use thumbsticks over your controller since heavy use wears out the rubber on your controller. If you put these on, however, you are practically keeping your controller thumbstick as new.Aside from that, these taller sticks allow for more granularity in the motion. Good for precision movements.

  44. Brandon Walker

    Helped me so much with my accuracy

    Helped me so much with my accuracy I thought I would have to buy a new controller cause over time my shots weren't hitting as much. This really helps a lot I don't usually write reviews but I had to for this one cause I saw the difference in my aim instantly when I used them

  45. Wallace

    They are great but this company..

    Essentially they only have a few versions of these that are worth much. They only sell certain patterns in certain combos. I've used a few of these and galaxy pattern is the best for grip. For most right handed people you want the mid rise on the right stick and nothing or a low rise on the left stick. I have two controllers to outfit but they don't sell Galaxy in a two mid rise pack. So I've bought three packs just to outfit two controllers. Two Galaxy for the midrise and Omni or whatever it's called for the low. I play a lot of call of duty so it's not a huge deal, I view it as worth it because they really do help. But paying 50$ because I want 4 of these plastic things is disrespectful to the customer. They know what they are doing. And so do i. Haha. You get $50, I get my review. Open up the varieties guys, and model all the grip patterns off galaxy.

  46. Jennifer

    I loved them

    The only thing that could be better is if they were reflective or something so you cant lose them.

  47. Anthony Diaz

    Precise moment

    Fast Shipping Good Quality

  48. ps4 dude

    control freaks.

    i don't play with out these. i been playin with the control freaks for years..i see people on amazon sayen they fall off or they move on them.i have never had that problem..all i can say to them is watch how you put them on.i love the control freaks they give you better aiming and just alround better movement with your controller.i think anyway..i will give you a bonus..if your playen with a wired headset and want to make the louder than just pluging them into your controller yea i know the sound is low i hate that to.go to creative and look at the g6 sound blaster i have one and love it im thinking of buying another one to put on my raceing simulator....i think you will like the g6 to and they have a g5 sound blaster ..go check them out.

  49. Jess M

    best thumbsticks for FPS

    At first I found my left hand cramping up and my right hand was also slightly uncomfortable with the way these were supposed to be set up (mid clipped on left and taller on right), so I took the taller clip off and clipped the mid piece to the right thumb stick. I was able to adjust the sensitivity and get used to this, but still, I wanted to see what all these reviews were about. In less than a week, I returned the clips back to their designated positions and was surprised to find that after a little bit more sensitivity boosting, this setup actually became quite comfortable. The Kontrol Freeks I received seem to be able to clip onto and off of the thumb sticks with ease. I am not too long into using them, but I love these attachments

  50. Christian Salas


    Es increíble la diferencia es garrafal

  51. Jose

    Accuracy Increase! Gameplay Experience Changed!

    I bought the KontrolFreek Galaxy (Purple) for my PS5 controller to see if the people who I’ve seen use them were true to what they said about accuracy and gameplay changing effects.Turns out they were right! I thought my accuracy was good at first with the regular thumb-sticks, but these really made a change! They feel great and have a good grip on them. Especially since they’re concave (inward). I think they might have convex (outward) on their official website for those interested.The range of motion feels great, I use the high-rise on the right control-stick and the mid-rise on the left control-stick. Some people also choose to just go with the high-rise on the right stick and leave the left as default.These are great for fps gaming for those who play a lot of fps games. I haven’t tested them for other game types, but I’m sure they wouldn’t disappoint.Notes: It’ll take some time to get used to the new change but it’ll be well worth it! You won’t want to go back to the default control-sticks of your preferred console or pc for those who play with controller instead of mouse and keyboard.Make sure that the packaging is new and the product itself is new as well! I received mine fine but the mid-rise seemed to be a lighter/faded purple making it look used compared to the high-rise that looked brand new. It could just be a factory color mistake but just look out for that. I left it as is since it didn’t really bother me, but it might for others.Conclusion:They did their job in helping me improve my experience/accuracy in gaming. With that being said, I’ll definitely be buying more when the time comes for new ones! Hope you gamers enjoy these as much as I did! Remember that they have a huge variety in case these aren’t for you! Check some videos out if you need more information about these or other products of KontrolFreek.

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  52. DyingBreed

    They work

    The kids like them, im not a fan but they are happy so it's all good

  53. jacque m.

    Nice product

    Arrived on time and easy to use

  54. Charles King

    Greatly Improved Accuracy in MW

    Bought these to help with accuracy in Modern Warfare (I'm a so-so run n'gun style player who struggles with landing shots before the other player). While they haven't fixed my problem with skill-based matchmaking (😂), they have greatly improved my accuracy in just one day. The extra range of motion and ability to adjust my aim easier and quicker while ADS have helped IMMENSELY. When I die now, it's because I just straight up missed or because I got spawned in a camper's line of sight lol. 10 out of 10 recommend.

  55. Alexis


    Really nice feel and easy application onto the joystick! They are also really cute

  56. Amberrjoy


    These are great thumbsticks, they have become my new main for Fortnite, I play the game over 3 hours a day and am considered a sweat, these are really great for better aim, stability, and extra range of motion, the only issue is that the material on the sticks flatten kinda fast, and it goes from a tiny bit raised, to straight up flat, also, if you are moving from something like infernos, these are nothing like them, it's like there's ramps at the middle, and they tilt down as they get closer to the middle.

  57. Tiny Mama Bird

    Needs work

    • look was what was expected• good quality• price was fair• negative: they did not properly fit a PlayStation 4 controller

  58. james stanford


    I purchased a pair of these a year or two ago and lasted/served me well the entire time. Needed a new pair and equally happy with these.


    Looks and feels great. Highly recommend

    Incredibly comfortable and work exactly how you'd expect. Look great on my PS5 controller and fit feels nice and snug. I've used kontrolfreek for years now. This is my 4th pair and by far my favorite. Currently using them for MLB the Show 21 and will never be able to take them off now. The control it gives me over my PCI has drastically increased my experience and confidence. I really really love these things.

  60. casman

    Grandson said it help with his gameplay

    My grandson said it help improve his game playing.

  61. John Nettle Juan Ortega

    FPS accuracy!

    I bought these specifically to help improve my accuracy. They have helped me steady my aim and have also been beneficial in allowing for me to adjust my sensitivity in Battlefield 1, V, and 2042 from 40 to 70.

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  62. jaygaur

    High quality durable thumb sticks- Improvement over the standard PS4 controllers

    These are the best thumbsticks on the market and priced accordingly and if you like extenders then these are your best option. There are cheaper ones 1/4 of the cost out there and I have heard good things but never tried them. With these I am not worried about quality and durability over time so I don't mind spending more upfront. The are made with high quality plastic and rubber with unique textures.Dont expect these to improve your gameplay but your thumbs will thank you for using them.Feel- They feel jelly and tacky in a good way, thumb stays on the rubber very well. The texture adds decent grip and feels good on the thumb. The right extender is slightly lifted to improve your range of motion so your thumb can do less work and reduces fatigue. I was a little worried at first having one side extended and the other lower but after a few mins of playing COD I could instantly see the benefit as it did enhance game play. Id say accuracy of the gun fire was improved with less motion from the thumb. I also use them for other games with no issues.Installation- They install easily by popping down from the top with a little push. Can come off with a little pull. Although I think over time they are wearing down as they feel easier to pop off over time. Not an issue if you leave them on all the time.The reason I give them 4 stars is because they can fall off from time to time. Like during a tough battle when you really dig on it the extender can pop off. Not all the time but it does cause grief when playing. As I stated above might be do to taking them on and off a few times so just leave them on and see.Overall good product and worth the price.

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  63. rekehi

    Control Freak help my shooting. My recoil is more manageable now on the high ROF guns

    It was easy to put on my regular controls

  64. Joseph Romero


    It’s great

  65. Emet Polak

    It feels so much more comfortable. Helps you so much with Accuracy.

    It feels great! I love the color and the texture of these Joysticks. They are great and I absolutely love them! They work for every single game and make you play so much better!

  66. Aideen N.

    Much better than the others!

    This is the third set of "Thumbsticks" that I am trying. I saw this many months ago but since it was more expensive ($15, vs others being $9 with skin and etc.) I decided to try others.Things I like about this one:1) It doesn't come off! The other ones tend to stick to the thumb and in the middle of the game just come off.2) The height is great. I am playing with the lower one for now (as my game needs one thumbstick for now) and it's fabulous. The taller one, is kinda a bit tall but I think that will come in handy for games that I need more accuracy.3) The 8 directional edges are helpful! My biggest pain point was that I was trying to go left and the thumbstick detects bottom-left. With this one, I don't know whether it's because of the dents or the height, I haven't had any of such old problem ever!Thanks.

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  67. brandon gibson

    Range of motion

    item was of fantastic quality. Exceptionally neat packaging. Very fast delivery. Seller very good. 5 stars

  68. Stanley

    Noticeable improvement

    I play Overwatch 2 with these bumpers and they definitely give you a greater range of motion for shooting games. Can't play without them! They do start to wear off after a year or so and you'll have to replace them.

  69. robel yacob

    Definitely helped my aim (in MW). Only use the High Rise stick and put it on the right stick.

    I was first happy to receive this product when I got it in the mail as the videos I saw of it made it seem like a big help. I immediately went to custom games and messed with my sensitivity and started to use it. And to my surprise, it was very difficult to use, my aim was all over the place. I thought I wasted $15. But it turned I didn't have enough practice with it and after a day of facing bots I got used to it and it definitely helped my aim. I even bumped my sensitivity up one. For best aim, only use the High Rise stick and put it on the right stick. It's a detriment to use a performance stick on the left stick as it does nothing but make it feel weird with the extra height. A definite buy to help with aim if you don't care for the price.

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  70. RayShawn Nance

    Great product

    Would definitely buy more

  71. Katie Weeks

    I really like playing with them. Would get different height set, same brand next time though.

    I got to buying these mainly because I was trying to find a way to get more grip on the sticks and ended up down the line buying these. Having bought other ones like these that were cheaper, I can say that these are not cheaply made. A little tough to get on but stayed on with rigorous fps play as well as 10 hrs of the last of us and these things are absolutely amazing. The grip was excellent and the added range of motion made them fun to use. Those parts you get to that your just not fast or crisp enough to get past but you don't want to drop the game play difficulty down, these were great in those scenarios. The only thing I would watch is which height combo you buy cause if your not playing alot of fps like I was playing rdr2 and the taller stick got annoying but on the last of us it was perfect. So depending on your style of gaming you like i would just take a look at which ones might be best for you.

  72. Alan P

    Does the Job

    The accessories fit perfectly onto my son's PS4 controller. He tells me that it has enhanced his performance and is very happy with KontrolFreek's product.

  73. Jeremiah Collett

    They are okay

    Okay so I love the shorter one it’s pretty neat and I don’t mind the tall one I just think I need to get used to it, however I bought them mainly for fortnite to improve my aim and while they have improved aim significantly by giving me a wide range of motion I feel the only problem is shockingly the grip on top of the joysticks I mean if you are playing a first person game and it’s all about aim then absolutely go for it however, I feel I am more fluid with the original thumb-sticks while building because every time I build I go to jump or pull my weapon out quickly with my buttons I feel a huge resistance due to the grip on these kontrol freak thumb sticks so if you are focused on becoming a good builder one fortnite and being really quick with ur reflexes these might not be the ones for you however they are really good that’s just the only problem I experienced lol too much grip, I would love someone to leave me a comment on some better kontrol freaks specifically for fortnite and building I am very open to try new things

  74. RedBird

    Great Product, Would Never Play FPS Without Them

    These are the third pair of KF I have owned, my second pair of the Galaxy. I will not play FPS games without them, they are that good. The increase my precision noticeably and they make long gaming sessions much more comfortable. The Galaxies are the best out of the 4-5 different models I've tried, the taller stick on the right really makes a difference for precision aiming, I'll never use both the same height again.As for the quality, I've never personally had any issues. Obviously they wear down over time but that's to be expected. It's never been anything crazy with the ones I've owned, my last pair lasted me almost a full years and for $15 that's good enough for me. I've seen some that look like they would probably fall apart much faster, but both my pairs of Galaxies have been great quality and last. I've seen people complain about the price Of these which blows my mind, they're $15 which is next to nothing and for something that improves your gaming experience in multiple ways it's more than worth that price.Can't recommend these enough especially for gamers who play FPS like Call of Duty. Great Product, great price, great performance, what's not to like.

    22 people found this helpful

  75. Luis Barranco

    Confidence gone up

    I used to be really timid and bad with my aim but after adjusting to the thumb sticks it felt so much better and ended up being more confident with my aim

  76. Amazon Customer

    Worked great

    Certainly makes aiming on controller feel more comfortable, and like I can fine tune it easier

  77. Nick

    High rise is way too high

    Helps with grip especially when thumbs are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy. But high rise is way too high, even with average size hands. Getting strained in the joint after only an hour. Gonna have to buy another set.

    5 people found this helpful

  78. Lisa Schoman

    Tha my nephew loved them

    I loved the color and the price.

  79. Anthony

    They work nah mean

    Yo yo yo big cheez in da heez! Pop dem on your controllamabob, and you’ll be clappin cheeks like a standing ovation jajaja. But seriously, they work. Accuracy and control improves, there is a bit of an adjustment period though. Sometimes they fall off in the heat of the moment for the sweaty try hard types, but that’s the cost of doing business. I do recommend. See you on red dead partner!

  80. SqueezyDonutz

    They work.

    Did improve my accuracy in Rainbow Six: Extraction and made a big difference in Outcasters. Just be prepared to tear up the default pads on your thumbsticks. I'm using them on a Stadia controller and they fit perfect. Luckily I have several Stadia controllers, so it isn't a big deal to tear up the default pads on one. They don't wiggle or move in the slightest. No danger of them randomly coming off.

    One person found this helpful

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