Pokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster Box

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Pokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster Box

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Pokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster Box

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Pokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster BoxPokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster BoxPokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster BoxPokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster BoxPokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster Box





Pokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster Box



324pcs Evolutions

87 reviews for Pokemones Cards TCG: XY Evolutions Sealed Booster Box

  1. john Potrykus

    Great Pulls!

    This is the first booster box I have ever ordered and was very pleased. I pulled a bunch of nice cards including the second most expensive card in the set(Dragonite). Great buy!

  2. Lee

    Awesome pulls

    I got some awesome pulls - Including the one and only holographic Charizard reprint! Also got 2-3 full arts, I believe 2 breaks, and maybe 3-4 EX's.Oh, and roughly 6 secret rare cards (3 of which were of that doduo).

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  3. Daniel

    All of the reverse holographic cards are warped

    I purchased a box at the beginning of January with the intention of opening one pack each day. The box came wrapped in the Pokeball shrink-wrap and I have not seen signs of tampering with any of the packs that I have opened. All of the cards look legitimate, so I do not have any qualms with authenticity. Furthermore, I have pulled some desirable cards since I started opening packs last Saturday, including M Charizard EX, M Pidgeot EX, Starmie Break and Full Art Brock's Grit.That being said, the vast majority of the cards are slightly warped (they do not lie flat on a flat surface), with the reverse holographic cards exhibiting far and away the most severe effects. My guess is that the treatment that the manufacturer applies to the reverse holographic cards reacts negatively to heat and the box was not consistently stored in a cool and dark place subsequent to manufacturing. Apart from the warping, however, all of the cards are in excellent condition, with one exception: the lettering on the Full Art Brock's Grit that I pulled today is faded in places. I scanned the internet, looking for comparable fading, but was unable to find anything similar, so clearly the fading is not intentional.I plan to continue my current routine of buying boxes and opening one pack each day, but I have yet to decide whether I will purchase another box from this seller. I plan on preserving the cards that I collect, but preserving cards with undesirable defects is clearly counterproductive.

  4. Katherin Horne

    Great booster box

    Husband liked the cards he got from this booster box.Very nicely packed.The picture show SOME of the cards he got from it.

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  5. Carlos

    Thanks for the booster box I got amazing pulls I got MBlastoise eX full art

    Thanks for the booster box I got amazing pulls I got MBlastoise eX full art,Dragonite EX full art,Pidgeot EX full art,Dragonite EX that looks like a hyper rare bit isn't,MewtwoEX,BlastoiseEX,Secret Rare Exeggutor,Secret Rare Doduo,Secret Rare Pikachu(Flying),Secret Rare Pikachu(Surfing),Mew Holo,Mewtwo Regular Rare,Reverse Rare Mewtwo,Machamp Holo,Gyarados Holo and Magneton Holo

  6. Anthony Nguyen

    Pulls shouldn't be considered product reviews, but..

    Amazing! Easy to profit from! I got 2 Mega EXs(Charizard and Venusaur) a MISCUT Brock's Grit Full Art, 1 FA EX, 3 EXs, 3 BREAKS, 2 Flying Pikachus and a Surfing Pikachu, 5 Holos, 2 Holo Energy cards, 3 Double colorless energies, and of course, the 36 TCGO cards, which go for 15$. Just the Mega Charizard and Miscut Brock's Grit should be about 60$ together, so I know I profited a good amount. And, if you didn't know, boister boxes give you 11 extra packs, saving you 44$. So, great price, great pulls.

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  7. Ace Jay

    I got great pulls from my box!!

    I liked how the box surprised me. When I say the box online I thought it was going to be big, but then when I grabbed the booster box out of the Amazon box I was blown away of how small the box was. The thing I hated the most was cleaning up all the packs wrappers. But all together I really enjoyed the booster box. Also it was my first box.😄

  8. Gabrielle Olav

    Awesome Box! Finally got the original Charizards back!

    So Happy I finally got the Original Charizard back in my hands to add to my collection! I spent so much money buying these individual packs at the stores hoping to get that Charizard and never got him. I finally decided my best bet would be to buy this Booster Box. I'm so glad I did. I got both regular Holo Charizard and reverse Holo, Charizard ex and many other really awesome original cards and newer ones. Sure, I could have bought the Charizard card by itself online for cheap but for me it's way more special when you get a card from a pack you opened yourself and you are the first owner of the card. Very pleased with this purchase 😁

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  9. Dylan Warner & Whitney Drollette

    Awesome Booster Box

    The box we received was sold by The Gaming Broker (US Seller) and was excellent. Perfectly sealed box, genuine packs, and good pulls. -Be sure to reference the sold by entity with the reviews before purchasing. Doing so could save you from fake boxes/cards. (I'm in no way a professional fake recognizer, but I'm pretty sure my ordered cards were genuine)

  10. Robert Megill


    First booster box I bought since I was a kid. I’m not gonna lie pulling a Charizard took me instantly back to when I was a kid. The feeling remained the same. Super exciting and a fun little trip down memory lane.

  11. Lennart Go

    Quick shipping and amazing pulls!

    A little hesitant at first in regards to repacks but glad I made the purchase! Perfectly packaged and had amazing pulls!

  12. kristen m kamp

    Great cards!

    I bought two booster boxes and received them promptly. The boxes came In a package that was well insulated and in excellent condition. I have to saw that I had a great time opening the packs and will definitely order again. I had a lot of amazing pulls from these two boxes.

  13. Robin Baker

    This box set was every bit as amazing as it was hyped to be - I pulled ...

    This box set was every bit as amazing as it was hyped to be - I pulled 3 ultra rares, 4 secret rares, 2 break cards, a bunch of EXs and regular holos. Plus the reprinting of the old school art was a fun trip down memory lane throughout the entire opening process.It was so much fun I want to buy another one of this box!

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  14. Joshua Gordon



  15. Amazon Customer

    Great Buy

    I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews on here but decided I’d buy a box and see for myself. I’m very happy with the cards I pulled, and would definitely buy again. Great pulls, Evolutions brings me back to my childhood collecting cards.

  16. Vivolus


    Box was delivery 3 days late. Box was a little mangled. Came in a sealed mail pack. But I pulled a nice M Charizard rare and the nostalgia made it all worth it.

  17. Jordan

    Good price for the box, but a couple of things you need to be aware of

    I got nostalgic and bought this with the plan to open up a few packs every few days and just make it a fun little hobby during quarantine. I collected Pokemon cards as a kid but frankly was unfamiliar with any of the Pokemon after the original ones.First off, for the price, I feel this is a good value. $100 for 36 packs comes out to like $2.80 a pack, which is well below what you would pay for the packs individually. Purely off value, this is a good deal.But now that I have opened all 36 packs, I have a few comments on the set, the cards, and the box I ended up with.The Evolutions XY set is a reprint of some of the base set Pokemon cards. There's also some full art, break, and secret rares added in the set. I definitely got nostalgic, especially early on in opening the box, opening up these packs. But by pack 20 I was more or less just pulling the same commons and uncommons over and over. Also, something this set did was make some cards that were previously not rares (Starmie, Dugtrio, Raticate, Fartfetc'd, etc.) and turned them into rares. This means since every pack has 1 rare, some packs you might be a little disappointed with what the rare is, because they aren't cards you typically think of as rarer/better cards.The Evolutions XY set has 1 card that everyone wants: that holo Charizard with iconic base set artwork. Unfortunately, I did not pull this card after opening all 36 packs, and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a bit disappointed in that. But, pulls aren't reviews of the product itself. Here are the holos/full arts/secret rares I did pull though:Exeggutor secret rareSurfing Pikachu secret rareFlying Pikachu secret rareHere Comes Team Rocket secret rareMachamp holoPoliwrath holoClefairy holoZapdos holoMew holoStarmie breakNinetales breakMachamp breakM Charizard EXM CharizardM Blastoise EX (both the secret rare version and the normal one)M Pidgeot EXUltimately, not bad. But this set is a nostalgia play. I would've appreciated less emphasis on full art cards and break cards (which to me have always felt like cheap plastic toys and not real pokemon cards) and more emphasis on the traditional holos. 5 holos for 36 packs is not a lot. Less than 1/7 of the packs.That brings me to the next issue: it felt at times as though perhaps my box had been previously opened. A lot of the packs seemed to be sealed with third party glue and we're kind of splitting at the top seam of the pack wrap. I can't confirm as to whether these packs had been tampered with but I have never seen packs like that before. The cards were in good shape for the most part, but a few had some damage.Ultimately, look at my "rare" pulls. If that seems like it's worth $100 to you, then I think this is a good value. I had fun opening up the packs overall. However, there are some wrinkles with the XY Evolution set you need to understand first. Hope this helps.

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  18. Amazon Customer



  19. Koko

    Nostalgic set for long-time fans with great pull rates

    This box came in near perfect condition and had some of the best pulls. I'm not sure if any of my pulls are exceptionally hard to get but I got the two cards I wanted most out of the set: full art mewtwo and full art dragonite! Will definitely buy more from this seller in the future. Pictures of my favorite pulls from this box follow the review.

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  20. Zed

    The booster box that i received was awesome! I had so many great pulls from that ...

    The booster box that i received was awesome! I had so many great pulls from that box but the only bummer was i wasnt able to pull any of the mega charizards ex and thats the only reason why i bought this booster box.I was able to pull 4 holo charizards, 5 raichus, dragonite ex, full art m venusaur, m venusaur regular, and the breaks for starmie machamp and nidoking

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  21. Mat

    Original cards

    Really a fantastic set! The original look of the Base Set cards has been mostly kept the same, celebrating the origin of the game with a throwback to the old-style cards. You can also find some updates like the Mega evolutions or the new pokemon Break. The box was sealed and the cards are original.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Don’t recommend worst box

    Basically 95%of the cards repeated more than multiple times not worth ur money u might have just 5 different Pokémon’s for different class it’s honestly the worst box ever

  23. Zayne James

    Good I guess, but one error card?

    Now I was unsure if ordering a Box was going to be okay from amazon, and I still am kinda questioning on whether or not it's safe to say if it is.My box of Evolutions had the factory wrap and no puncture signs at all, and I didnt question much about the packs until I pulled the Misty's Determination Fullart. Now after I pulled this card, I instantly thought it was fake. I had purchased the same card a week ago thinking I wasn't going to pull it, and was I lucky I did. The card I pulled had it off centered and faded in color ( the one on the right ). I was weirded out by it that I asked some of my friends that know alittle about cards, and they said that they have never seen a textured fullart fake ever being made. I did everything to test it to the one I bought before. After determining that it looked like a bad fake card, I did one more test. I ripped it in half.I forgot to take a picture of that, but it had the black layer most pokemon cards have in the middle. As for all the other pulls, they were fine. It just threw me for a loop that that one card was just completely messed up, and that it was the fullart trainer...

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  24. Jonathan Sandoval

    Great Seller. Kings Games.

    At First I Was Hesitant Into Purchasing Specially With All The Negative Reviews. Shout Out To "Kings Games" Will Definitely Buy From Them Again. Seal Not Tampered and Got More Than 1 Great Pulls Included Mega Charizard Ex. Just started Collecting And Wanted This Booster Box. Worth The Risk.

  25. Billy


    Bought this for nostalgia and was not disappointed! Had some really good pulls and was very pleased with the quality of the box and all the cards too! Would definitely recommend for anyone!

  26. sebastian

    Great value, great cards

    I'm very satisfied with purchase, I had a great pull from this box. The value for is the best you can get if you want to build your collection.

  27. Michael Peterson

    It was a good pack!

    It was a good pack! I got 1 mega charizard,1 mega pigeot, 2 mega venasaurs(1 full art), mega blastoise, nine tales break, pigeot ex, venasaur ex, and 2 more! Definitely a good buy

  28. Yirah Galindo

    Good Buy

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     At first I was a lil iffy about the pack but I then opened them and got me a MBlastoiseEx. Ended my videos with this pull, well worth every cent!!

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  29. Cheryl Boggs

    They seemed pleased with them with the exception that one of them ...

    Had a couple of ex cards & a mega card. Bought two sets for grandchildren. They seemed pleased with them with the exception that one of them received more ex cards than the other one.

  30. a.robo

    Buy cheaper individual packs instead. Less for collectors, more for retailers.

    This is getting a bit predictable. I was hoping that each box would be wildly different in terms of individual packs and the odds they bring, but the odds stick with the entire box and are the same each time.What I mean is that when you get a box, you get pretty much the same in value. Unlike an individual pack, where it could be anything, a box is more predictable; you'll get a few M holos, a couple special holos, and maybe a special art card. There aren't instances where, say, you'd get 15 M rares and another instance where you get none. It doesn't work like that. The boxes are calculated as a whole to not give you too much or too little. Personally, I dislike this approach. It means TPC are discriminating for/against packs...but I thought no one was supposed to know what's in them.Seems more like a slot machine than a poker table, if that analogy helps.

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  31. OpalJingle

    Nostalgia with some new stuff

    Great pack for people familiar with the first few sets! Art is just like I remember it! Even better that there are a few new cards and advanced evolutions. It's good memories, updates stats so these cards are competitive for the current game. Definitely going to get cards worth at least what you pay for in each booster box.

  32. Stephen Parker


    I ordered 2 ready to order a 3rd it's worth every dollar I barely got doubles of rare an full art cards between the 2 boxes BEST BUY for me on amazon perfect condition.

  33. Kindle Customer

    Would buy again

    Very happy with my purchase. I pulled a holo charizard from the box. over the last month the value of this set has sky rocketed.

  34. Movie Watcher

    Great Item and Seller

    Got the item in promised time, confirmed real cards from Coolest Commodities. Will buy again!!

  35. A. All


    My son bought this with his Christmas money and got some really great pulls. He was super excited. Sold by The Gaming Broker. Thanks!!

  36. Cora Roberts

    Good set. Beat up boxes

    Update: Upped to 4 stars for being the best box I've ever received. 3 break 6 EX with a mega charizard. Regular holo Charizard, Riachu and Machamp. Plus full artsBought from Super Stuff. Fast shipping during the thanksgiving holiday so I'm happy about that. Great set! Dropped two stars because both boxes were in fair condition. I've bought many boxes none beat like this. A tear in the seal, the Pokémon logo print on the packaging were all smeared to hell. Some visible scratches on the box itself

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  37. Tyler

    Super Stuff! is an amazing seller to buy from

    First booster box ever bought. As a 90s kid, this brought back SO many memories with the old art and the new holos thrown in. Bought from Super Stuff! and they did not disappoint. Came factory sealed and everything. Slight tear in the front middle of the box but you could tell that is was a worn hole from being old so no worries there. Definitely worth the buy!

  38. Amazon Customer

    charizard oh yeahhhhhh

    Awesome box,pulled 3 charizard, multiple mega, fantastic 👏 3 of the rare holo cards. Bought again.

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  39. Brian Nowak

    Some College Pulls and Some Repeats

    Cards seem authentic, package came sealed and I damaged. Didn’t detect any tampering. Individual packs looked untampered. Gave 4 stars because got 76 of the 108 cards, but more Drowzees, Rattata, Machop, Vulpix then I can shake a stick at (seems typical of these boosters). Was hoping for Charzard EX, Dragonite Ex, Bastoise Ex, and M Bastoise Ex, didn’t get those but got some other cool ones 3 Breaks, 2 Ex, and 3 M Ex. I think everything this seller did was 5 star my 4 star is directed at TCG.

  40. Tom

    Have to buy Pokémon cards? worth the price

    Not crazy about spending this kind of money for cards... but it was a Christmas present and wrapped up all the Pokémon cards I needed to buy in one shot. My son was super excited and he pulled a good amount of great cards he didn't have. "Breaks" "Mega's" a super rare and tons of reverse holo's and trainers... I know the good ones thanks to my sons enjoyment...All in all a great deal considering what he got and what I would of paid for each pack.

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  41. Michael Ungar

    Best box ever

    Pulled the OG Charizard, was super excited!!

  42. Eric Radziukinas

    Real deal

    Product was factory sealed! My son pulled lots of EX and GX cards. 2 different Mega Charzards in the same box!!!! Real deal. I strongly recommend. Eric from Alaska

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  43. A. Golden

    Excellent pulls, very nostalgic

    This was the ultimate nostalgia trip, and the boxes had great pulls. There's so much in this set, it's the epitome of awesomeness for a collector. It has full arts, ultra rares, secret rares, reverse holos, regular holos and non-holo rares ALL from the base set. It is, IMO, much better than the Japanese version of this set, which had a lower full art pull ratio.Here's how the ratios for my 3 boxes turned out (Box 1, Box 2, Box 3):Full Arts: 3, 3, 2EX (non-FA, non-mega): 4, 5, 3EX (non-FA megas): 1, 1, 3Holo: 6, 5, 6Secret Rares: 5, 5, 6BREAK: 2, 1, 2Reverse Holo Energy: 4, 2, 4Reverse Rare: 8, 7, 9Overall, I only got 1 duplicate Full Art, and there was only 1 holo rare I didn't get (Gyarados) but I got him in reverse.I received 2 holo Charizards. I received M-Charizard Full Art in the box with only 2 full arts.Highly recommend these boxes, all 3 were very, very nice for one reason or another. Not a single mediocre box.

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  44. James M

    So happy

    I just receive my package today and I was so excited that I open the box and booster pack and just wow and not bad kind of cards i got mega venasuar and charizard and two break cards plus a weird execuggutor card I'm happy with the cards I get. But I need to get that charizard my favorite card.

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  45. Amazon Customer

    Good buy!

    Very fun set of cards to open, I bought two. Only got one duplicate EX card out of it all so I was very pleased with that. 6 ex cards in the first box 7 in the second. Tons of cool cards that will give you crazy nostalgia if you were around when it all started.

  46. Jamison Wu

    You’ll Be Fine:)

    All 36 packs were intact, NONE were tampered with. I was originally worried when ordering because of all the written reviews but I was surprisingly happy with what I got. Don’t let these dramatic reviews affect your decision.

  47. Cmacbones

    Set exceeds expectations, Excellent pulls, 100% nostalgia achieved.

    Extremely nostalgic. Awesome pulls. Breaks, Holo EX, Full art EX, rare Japanese cards, rare illustrator cards, Holographics, and reverse holographics. This was an extremely fun And entertaining booster box to explore with a ton of goodies to broaden my collection. The booster box came sealed with minor wear. I might get another just for the fun. I was very happy with this set. Have fun and catch em all!

  48. Rob

    However Christmas has come and my son couldn't be more happier. He found a lot of " rare " ...

    I do not know much about Pokémon cards . However Christmas has come and my son couldn't be more happier. He found a lot of " rare " cards and ones he did not have . Here is a pic of a few of his favorites . From what I understand the value exceeds the price we paid . Would order again : ) .... Thank You

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  49. Alex

    Perfect- nothing was wrong

    I got the xy evo booster box and I got exactly what I expected. I got a factory sealed booster box with everything in tact.

  50. elybeth


    The packages had a few duplicates. Bought them as a gift for my son. He was still pretty happy with them, even with all the duplicates.

  51. Philip Lang

    Amazing pulls!!!

    GREAT PRODUCT! Now I was extremely leery going into buying this box. Its always scary buying cards from someone you don't know because fakes and tampered merchandise is EVERYWHERE! But yet I still bought it. It arrived this morning and I ripped open the box scared to what I would find. Looking at the box it wasn't in perfect condition. And the pokeball clear wrap almost looked like it was resealed so I was worried. But after looking at the box further and the packs everything seemed untouched inside. So I opened my first pack and checked the cards and they were legit and my first rare was the full art mega charizard everyone is looking for when opening this box! Great pulls great value and other then the outer packaging great quality! I will be sending some into psa and I truly think they're will be 10s or 9.5! So glad I bought this!

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  52. Amazon Customer

    Great ex rare pulls!

    I was extremely pleased with this pack! I pulled 6 ex rates and a dozen holo rare among 10 reverse rare. 3 charizard, 2 blastoise and 1 venosaur. Also a nine tail break and plenty others. I will definitely buy again 😊

  53. Amazon Customer

    Pretty good value

    Pretty good value.It's a booster box what can I say? Had some good pulls had some bad pulls.I had an issue with a mew foil being damaged on the back? No idea how, rest of the cards in that pack(s) were fine hence 4 stars.For those of you saying it's fake you clearly didn't do your research into the cardsExample- one person said that he found it was a fake because the artowork was slightly off. Provided no pictures nore disclosed the fact that there was 2 different prints of the card.Example b- one person said the his charzard ex was fake because the horn was on the hp NOT REALIZING that it was also one of the prints sent out and did not do reputable research.Please post PROOF if you think something is fake so people can SEE it for themselves. Did a few hours of digging and comparing and could not find any signs of fake cards. Time to send some in for grading for a definit answer.

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  54. D^2

    Sealed as advertised

    Amazing product, as described. My only issue was with the packaging, the box was not tightly in the box, and not insulated in anyway. This I believe is why the corners on most of the cards in the box are not as pristine as you would desire. Similar to the Burning Shadows elite trainer boxes that were not packaged well. Cards are in great shape except for the corners. Good overall product, but could be great!

  55. Daniel S

    Glad I got while it was somewhat affordable.

    I regret not buying more when they were cheaper because this would have been nice to my collection.

  56. Jonathan

    Loved this booster box

    Loved this booster box, I was in suspense because I wanted to pull the base set holo charizard and I opened 35 packs with no luck and my last pack when I lost all hope had the charizard holo and reverse holo. Best booster box ever.

  57. VengeanceMaster

    nothing re-glued or otherwise like some other reviews that bought from elsewhere

    Ordered from "Stop2Shop Inc"Came clearly sealed altogether, nothing re-glued or otherwise like some other reviews that bought from elsewhere, which is why I put who I ordered from.Got a lot of amazing cards from the boosters, even a few higher end holo duplicates. Cheaper to buy this than the packs by themselves.

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  58. steven cooper

    I want to be the very best.

    Package delivery was spot on. Package was slightly beat up due to the postal worker handling the package roughly and stuffing it in my mailbox with two other items. "Can't fix people being dumb I guess". Besides that I'm 110% happy with my purchase. Awsome pulls and nostalgia all around with the remakes of these cards. A++

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  59. David K


    Not a lot of cards in this expansion so lots of common and uncommon repeats.

  60. Logan G.

    Wonderfully Nostalgic Experience

    The package was delivered on time and is exactly what I expected. The display box was sealed in the branded plastic. The display box had very minimal damage, but the individual packs and the cards themselves were fine.I had such a wonderful time opening each pack of cards and sorting through them. Seeing those original artworks from my childhood was such a huge rush of nostalgia. It was really cool seeing all the new EX card designs and artwork. I got a pretty decent variety of holos. I don't know why I see so many people complaining in the reviews about duplicates. If you do the research and know what you're buying you'll know how many cards are in the set and know that duplicates should be expected.TL;DR: In all, I had a fantastic time opening these cards and would recommend them to any new or old collectors wanting to expand there collections and to anyone who wants a rush of nostalgia from the old cards.

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  61. BoxBoy

    Box Came Battered and Seemed Packaged Terribly, but apart from that got what i asked for

    My pulls weren't the best, but buying Pokemon Cards is purely for the fun and entertainment of doing so! The box did come battered and not in the best condition, and it looked packaged badly! But all in all i got what i purchased and I am happy with that!

  62. Alex

    Brought back memories

    These really brought me back to the days of when I was a kid with not a care in the world opening the original base set packs. It was like a trip down memory lane seeing all the classic pokemon again. And I must admit when I pulled a Charizard I acted like a little kid back in the day when I pulled one from the base set. Perfect for new and old collectors alike. I just wish they didn't include new cards in these packs and stuck with the classics. I also hope they bring back the other classics like fossil and jungle cards. Otherwise, a great set.

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  63. Joel

    I'm not saying it was the 90's but....

    This was super nostalgic to open up due to the retro art from the original base set. Being an avid collector of the pre-2000s set back in the day, this was worth every penny and would gladly do so again. The package came undamaged with the pokemon plastic wrap untouched. Naturally, I ripped a common card in half to verify the black layer/film showing that the cards were legit and not fake. In the end, I pulled a total of 25 varying holo rares (2 Mega EXs, 5 EXs, 2 Breaks, 5 standard holos including a Charizard, and 9 reverse holos). I haven't seen the likes of these cards since 2000 or before that which was a blast from the past. Definitely recommend

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  64. Vic

    A review

    I really like the idea of a remake of the base set. I started collecting again the beginning of 2016. With this I was able to get a good amount of gen 1 Pokémon I didn't have yet. I was glad to have gotten a Mew and Mewtwo. Of course there were repeats. But I usually give them away anyway.

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  65. Shari B.

    Once you go booster box, You never go back

    Obviously this is going to be different for everyone, but this is my absolute favorite set to come out since the original base set. I thought I was stoked with the year long 20th anniversary boxes, this just takes the cake. Not only are there the reprints from the original base set, but they made sure to throw in the Mega and EX so it's nostalgic as well as exciting to see what new cards are in the set. There are 108 cards in this set, but there are actually 113 including the 5 secret rates. Speaking of the secret rates, they are completely different than any other set I've seen in 10+ years at least. The gold border and guaranteed to be a full art was what I was expecting but the new ones aren't even holographic, and instead of being super sweet Pokémon, the cards are pretty silly with 2 of the secret rares being a flying pikachu and a surfing pikachu. No gold border, not holographic at all and no way to tell their the secret rare unless you look at the number on the bottom. It will look something like 112/108 showing that the roster number is past the "last" number. The elite trainer boxes all come with a book that lists every card in the series, even the secret rares. I did manage to pull 2 of the secret rares out of this box, and I feel like it was almost too easy. Definitely nothing like the elusive solid gold secret rare Reshiram and Zekrom from one of the early X and Y sets. This box is by far the best way to go. Buying each pack individually would cost almost twice as much so a couple friends and I each threw in $30 and we each get 12 packs, which is half the price around here at least.

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  66. Ed

    I really enjoyed opening this box

    When I was looking to order the evolutions XY set, I was worried that the cards may be fake as stated by other reviewers. The cards that I got were 100% legit. I really enjoyed opening this box. Just being able to relive my childhood was worth the price. My ultimate goal was to open the base set charizard when buying this set. When I actually opened the charizard from the booster, I was ecstatic! I felt the blood rush to my head and the feeling of being a kid again. Amazing set, had a lot of good pulls and would really recommend to those looking to relive their childhood.

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  67. Patrick Driscoll

    The real deal

    I was very hesitant picking this up as there are so many 1-star reviews, claiming the cards are fake or tampered with. Well I purchased my booster box from The Gaming Broker and it was delivered sealed and in great condition. I got some good pulls from these packs as well, but that doesn't reflect the quality of the product, it's merely luck. I believe many of these bad reviews are just upset they didn't get any good cards in their box. So pleased with this purchase that I talked to my friend into buying a box as well, and may just pick up another for myself!

  68. John Cummings

    ... about these cards but my 6 year old son loved them. There were 12 or so of the ...

    I don't know the 1st thing about these cards but my 6 year old son loved them. There were 12 or so of the EX cards that were actually pretty cool looking. I did notice that there wasn't to many duplicates.

    2 people found this helpful

  69. Amazon Customer

    Where's my Pikachu!?

    Bought this box for a surfing Pikachu, didn't get a surfing Pikachu! I can't be to mad about it this is one of my favorite sets and if your older like me and enjoy the older cards this is a great flashback. I had great pulls from this box and for the price it's hard to beat

  70. roy

    Bought in 2018

    I remember when I bought this for 100$… should have bought a lot more back then lol

    One person found this helpful

  71. TitaniiK

    Even Perfectionists Can Rest Easy

    Package came on time and in amazing condition! Padding inside was perfect. Booster box looks essentially brand new. I'm a huge perfectionist with collecting and this item definitely checked all the boxes. 5/5!!!

  72. DRC19

    Extremely Satisfied!! Buy from The Gaming Broker!

    I’m sure all of you are as skeptical as i was to spend $100 on a booster box that may be tampered with. The Gaming Broker Is a 100% legit seller! I sent a message confirming the authenticity of the product and got a quick reply reassuring me of such. I’ve been out of the game for a long time and opening this blew me away with nostalgia! I got some AMAZING PULLS! I will definitely be getting another box from The Gaming Broker in the near future! 5 star product, 5 star shipping (came in great condition) and ofcourse, a 5 star seller! If you have any doubts, just make sure you purchase from them!

    2 people found this helpful

  73. Alejandro

    Maybe resealed?

    The media could not be loaded.

     I just bought a second booster pack from a second merchant because I had doubts. The package I bought from this guy seemed off. Once I started comparing they seemed like they were resealed. Didn’t pull anything crazy compared to the second pack. Any way I can return this lol. Already opened the packs too late

    5 people found this helpful

  74. Fezzywezzy


    ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOX!I got crazy pulls. Great price and you will most likely make your money back with this set. pulls:Mega slowbro, Mega blastoise full art, Mega chairazard, Mega pidgeot full art, starmie break, Imikuni's doduo secret rare, ninetails break, slowbro ex, exegutor secret rare, here comes team rocket secret rare, blastoise ex, veanasuar ex, tons of holographic rares, and more.

  75. antonio perfecto

    Great price for product

    I bought this for my sons birthday and he was super happy had a blast opening cards with him he got a lot of super rare cards like venasaur blastoise and charizard. Only thing I notice but not sure if if just how some cards comeThey had sharper edges than usual the corners are usually super smooth and some were not but other than that no problems that willLead me to believe that they are fake. 100 percent authentic

  76. Steven

    Pretty good, could have been worse.

    Turned out pretty good, seemed sketchy for some of the openings due to that being a common theme. But I ended up with all 3 Blastoise WX, Mega Charizard Ex and a Venasaur Ex. Beyond that it was a quiet pulling.

  77. Tim


    Was looking for a booster box of evolutions since a lot of the cards are remakes from the great late 90's early 2000's days of Pokemon. My wife and I were happy to see our booster box was officially sealed and not tampered with like some of the reviews you see on Amazon... We landed some really great cards including M Charizard EX, venasaur EX and blastoise ex. If you are looking to relive the days of the original 150 Pokemon this is the set to buy! Be careful these boxes are addicting!!

    3 people found this helpful

  78. Fergus J Sharp

    Fun throwback, surprisingly worthwhile box buy!

    I love the artwork style of the original cards, so it is fun to get a remake of those, even if many of the cards are not competitively viable in the current format. Also, the addition of EXs, Breaks, and Abilities has made some of these cards viable, along with the inclusion of several staple trainers and reverse holographic energies makes the set worth buying a box of.I got some really great pulls of Full Arts, EXs, Breaks, and more from this set. After opening just one box set I had just about all of the cards except a couple EXs and about 2/3 of the Full Arts from the entire set. Great purchase for a collector or someone looking to sell rare cards as a business!

    2 people found this helpful

  79. Steven Felker

    If youre going to buy a booster box, this is the one

    Came in, in great shape, all legit cards, pulled a lot of full arts and 3 secret rares

  80. D. Belan

    The best deal on booster packs!

    I have been buying Pokemon booster packs for my son for a couple of years, and he is often disappointed with the results. I don't know much about the card game, but I do know a good value when I find one. The single packs are usually around $5 or $6, depending on if you are buying singles or if you are buying them in tins, boxes, or the Elite Trainer ones. Yes, they are all just booster packs disguised as something cool. With this box, packs are less than $3 each and he got four EX, a couple of Breaks, and a full art textured trainer, which seems pretty good. He was thrilled with it, so I like it.

    5 people found this helpful

  81. Tyler

    Was pleasantly surprised.

    I was worried when I first got the box. The shrink wrap was a little loose which didn’t seem right. The first pack I pulled out did have the seal broken so I was very worried but when I opened it first pull was a mega charizard. Ended up getting a pretty decent haul. Few ex, few breakers, holo charizard, nine tails, Zapdos, and more. Got these ones from j and m collectables. I plan on getting another case in a few days.

  82. tyler

    Great buy.

    Sucj a good flashback for me and kids had a great time opening each pack. Pulled 3 different charizards and a mega venesaur and lots of other awesome pulls. I don’t think I can get that lucky on another set but I will try again soon

  83. Jakob

    Seller gives real products at a fair price.

    I got my booster box earlier than expected, got some great pulls. Product wasn’t tampered with was a real Pokémon TCG product, and had all 36 packs. Would buy from this seller again.

  84. J. Shoemaker


    28 reverse holographic cards5 holographic cards (Charizard, Machamp, Zapados, Ninetails, and Poliwrath)Full art Machamp breakFull art Mega CharizardFull art Ninetails BreakSlowbro EXMega VenusaurMega CharizardMewtwo EXDragonite EXBlastoise EX2 reverse holographic trainer cards3 holographic energy cards2 Japenese/English Exeggutor cardsOne Imakuni's DoduoFlying PikachuBrock's Grit Trainer card x 4Misty's Determination card x 3Non-holographic Mewtwo x 2"_______ Spirit link" trainer cards x 16 (pointless?)Many other basic Pokemon including Far-fetched, Haunter, Vulpix, Onix, Weedle, etc.Fun to flesh out my kids starter decks!I loved the originals, so seeing some of the holographics were exciting for me! Not so sure about the mega and ex cards, but I'm sure my son will love them!

    4 people found this helpful

  85. Some random person

    Its nice to see them remake the original base set.

    I really enjoyed opening this box. This was the first booster box i ever ordered and it was well worth the 91 dollars I paid. I pulled the charzard halo card i really wanted which is my favorite card of all time plus i got some ex cards which are really cool to have. I even was able to use some of the cards to put in my decks that i am puting together so i can actually play the card game instead of just collecting them. And it came in the male right in the date it told me it would so great job amazon. I definetly would like to order more of these in the future if possible when i have the money.

    One person found this helpful

  86. Lori H.

    Damn good pulls

    Wow. The nostalgia. Box was in rough shape when it arrived. Other than that I was pulling good cards left and right. Got charizard holo, charizard reverse holo, charizard ex, mega charizard ex, mega blastoise ex, mega pigeot ex full art, mewtwo ex, mistys determination full art. Luck of the draw i gu3ss.

  87. Sphinx

    Can't say that I'm even remotely disappointed.

    For value, this is 5/5. You can't go wrong with 36 packs at this price. As an original/base set collector, this brought back such nostalgia that I cannot explain. I would recommend this for any new Pokémon Go player, and of course, 100% recommend this to those who had the same childhood experiences as I collecting the original base set.. you will not be disappointed.For card pulls: take a look at the photos I've attached. You can see the checklist for exact pulls.The reason behind the 4/5 star rating is simple, the box had to have been tossed around, for it had dents in the corners, and the first couple packs had ever so slight creases in the corners. the box must have been dropped a few times.Besides that, a fantastic purchase.GL and happy pulling.

    84 people found this helpful

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