360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign

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360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign

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360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign

Product Description

1 Booster Box Contains 36 Packs
Each Pack Contains 10 Cards
If you need to buy multiple, please contact us, we can give you more discounts
Or you need other versions, you can also contact us

360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign

360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign

360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign


VividVoltage, UnifiedMinds, UnbrokenBonds, SunMoon, DarknessAblaze, FusionStrike, Evolutions, BrilliantStars, BattleStyles, ChillingReign, French Fusion, French Brilliant, French Evolving, French Astral, Spanish Vivid, Spanish Darkness, Spanish Fusion, Spanish Unified, French Battle, French Chilling

62 reviews for 360pcs/Box Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Sun & Moon Booster Packs Evolution Booster Box Chilling Reign

  1. 1Greenmonster

    It's was nice .

    I just buy them to collect andodt likely give th toy daughter one day she loved Pokemon, in her 20's.

  2. Brenda Martinez

    Great for collection, not so great pulls.

    Ordered a few different booster packs this last week. For 4-5 different other sets this one was definitely the least favorite. Out of the 36 packs, I pulled about 3-5decently good cards but not the best. A MAJORITY of my cards ended up being trainer cards which was also disappointing. There are better booster packs out there. Bad luck on this one I guess. Pulled two slow king V cards, two trainer full arts and a blaziken V dynamax.

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  3. Kevin G.

    Resealed or not....Made money back and them some.

    Honestly, I just like going to the store and picking these up while I buy a case of beer. Did the math and decided to buy the bulk as it would cost the same amount when I'd eventually buy these at Target when I'd be able to find them. So far, i think 9 packs in, I've made my money back according to TCG. (shoulder shrug emoji). Bought them for nostalgia purposes so I'm satisfied. I know some people are upset, but a famous man once said: "Life sucks and THEN you die" - Vincent Kennedy McMahon

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  4. Abdi M.

    Great for what it's worth.

    Definitely worlds better than attempting to buy directly from the source like Pokemon Center or somethin'. Had to wait a couple of days for it, bit I blame the holidays for that. Worth the wait regardless.

  5. Freddy V

    Great gift for the common collector

    So I’m just a normal Pokémon card collector like anyone else. I don’t really buy the cards for the playing game aspect of it, but it was definitely worth it for the price. There was plenty of duplicate cards, but to be expected when buying a whole box. There was also a lot of nice rare cards inside, and in my opinion, a much better price than any of these scalpers are offering nowadays.

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  6. WSLefever

    2 happy grandkids!

    I ordered 2 of these tins, and I got 2 of the same,which was fine. My grandkids are 7 and 10, and this way they didn't fight over which one they each got! The price was great,quality of the cards was really nice. All that matters to me is I got 2 very happy grandkids! Definitely worth the price.

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  7. Nigel


    Ordered for my son's birthday and it arrived right on time.He got some rare cards in the set and is happy that he received this for his birthday.Will definitely order again!Thanks!

  8. Adam Buccilli

    Sealed product

    Product arrived with original seal on it.

  9. Linda B

    It was a gift

    It was a gift loved by recipient

  10. Kristen G

    I like Pokémon

    This is cool 😎 🅱️ecause it has Pokémon 🐒🐸🪲and custom dice and custom counters and custom sleeves for 0nly $4O

  11. Kindle Customer

    Great box

    My husband and I pulled 9 ultra rares out of this box.

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  12. ManlyTWO

    You have to be lucky

    Good price for a set of 36 packs.

  13. Jake Ryan

    Not Sealed and Smelled Like Cigarettes

    Unfortunately, the package arrived and was not sealed (one side of the wrapping was already open enough for it to have been taken out) and the packs smelled strongly of cigarettes. When I order cards, I expect them to be sealed and I expect them to be clean unless otherwise specified, so this was a bit of a let down. The package was also missing two packs, several were missing online codes, and zero ultra rares in the whole box, which I’ve never experienced. I question the legitimacy of the packs I got.

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  14. cameron desart

    Great pulls

    This was a good value. My packaging did not appear tampered with and was factory original.9 good pulls from 360 cards.

  15. KaZax Sunezpi

    Great International Only Product For a Great Price(Pre-Price Increase)

    I don't know why people give these lower than four stars. An international only product for $27 USD which retails goes for like 15-17 GBP and then you would need to add almost the same amount for shipping. The pulls were great, the product was in great shape coming all the way from Australia. I cannot complain about this and I will be buying more soon.

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  16. Mitch Jamison

    Seller was: Services LLC and got a good box!

    I encourage others to comment who the seller is as I think that makes a huge difference in whether or not it's repackaged. My seller was: Services LLC and I received a box in decent condition (corners of the box were slightly pushed in, but this was mostly due to the packaging it arrived in). Got decent pulls, including a Galarian Articuno alternate art, a Celebi V full art, as well as the secret rare Rugged Helmet. Nothing was repackaged or anything. Please double check who the seller is before ordering!

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  17. William Swanson

    Weird packaging but packs seem fine got secret rare

    Pulled a couple ex and 1 secret rare. Seems fine to me.

  18. Matthew Morgan

    Not a scam

    I was mostly worried about the box being tampered, but too my avail I had a great box with 7 full arts and a rainbow SR. I would definitely go this route again!

  19. Shelby

    Great buy

    Tin was slightly dented but I’m sure that’s because my mail person is a bit rough with packages. Great card pulls and no duplicates which is always nice! Overall definitely worth the money.

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  20. David Budwick

    Was not opened

    Got them two days after with prime , plastic wrapped sealed , not opened at all was not resealed packs got good cards made most the money back from cards , over all good product

  21. Debra Barrett


    Not a booster box only one min tin

  22. Christine Marshall

    My son was very happy!

    My 7 year old son got the Venusaur box for his birthday and he was so ecstatic with the cards he received in the 4 packs. He got a V, and a gx and a rapid strike and other good cards in the packs in addition to the Vmax venusaur! The box came in perfect shape and no tampering and on time. I’ve had too many recent experiences with ordering a box of Pokémon cards from other vendors only to be told that it is now out of stock after I already bought and paid for it! I am glad I bought from a trustworthy seller.

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  23. Tyler Albright

    Good for collectors

    Chilling reign was a great set to open but cards had minor damage

  24. Amazon Customer

    overall good - quick transaction and quick delivery.

    The packs were mostly fine, but the box was damaged slightly in transit. It was only protected by a plastic sleeve. I would have preferred better packaging.That all being said the price, the quick delivery, and the overall quality of the cards were fine. I had an absolute blast opening them with my kiddo.

  25. E3N


    Do not buy this if your trying to fill your battle styles set! I didn’t notice until it was too late that there were only two battle styles booster packs instead of what seemed like 4. Normally this wouldn’t be a concern but the packs that weren’t battle styles were complete trash! Base set sun and moon aswell as a darkness ablaze. Darkness ablaze isn’t that outdated but base set sun and moon is really old and not that great in my opinion. But if your just trying to pull rare cards then this shouldn’t matter. In my case though I’m pretty disappointed.

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  26. Amazon Customer

    Great gift good value

    Great gift he has not stopped talking about it it's all gibberish to me lol keeps talking about this Charizard GX from some fire and ice edition or some such telling me it's worth thousands I'm just like awesome take care of it. come completely sealed no tampering he was very pleased and his two buddies he plays with seemed rather jealous great gift he keeps his play cards in the tin and had me put the little book up for him with his prized cards up so he is actually taking better care of his collection

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  27. Shay Rowland

    Amazing Pulls Great Value

    I ended up pulling several chase cards from this set including a secret rare snorlax! Came undamaged and I regret nothing.

  28. Diego Rodriguez


    Brand New! Sealed! Original! I keep on opening packs. Will be buying more.

  29. levi

    Don't listen to the bad reviews!

    I'll admit I was concerned looking through all of the poor reviews saying the packs had been tampered with.All I know is that ours got here on time and in perfect condition. All packs were sealed as well as the box itself.A few things I noticed people complaining about are perfectly normal such as the crimp on the seal at the top and bottom. This does not mean the packs have been opened and resealed, it is clearly where they have crimped the flap down to the pack in the back and is located in the same spot on every pack.My best guess is there are some upset collectors looking for specific cards and when they don't get what they want they throw a fit and make up any number of excuses to try and get their money back.We personally got some really awesome pulls from this box and we are only half way through opening it.I wanted to post this to assure that when buying this you need not be concerned as we have had a great experience and plan to purchase again in the future!

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  30. crystal

    My packs weren’t resealed

    I was skeptical after reading all of the reviews of resealed packages but I’m happy to say that my box was legit. All 4 packs were in the box and all 4 were untouched. I gave the product 4 stars because the packaging wasn’t too great and my box was a little smashed. But other than that I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

  31. Another Guy

    Choose sellers wisely

    I must have chose the wrong seller (regulater sales). Cant say for certain if its resealed or not, but by far the worse box thus far. Had a really strong chemical smell when opened.

  32. Loc tran

    Kinda good

    Some packs had some pieces of glue on them, however no inside tampering was found, I would recommend this for gifts. They vendor was the card kids, if you wanted to know.

  33. jessica

    Good pulls, not resealed.

    Don't like scalpers but it was perfect condition had quite a few good pulls and one great pull. Seen a lot of reviews about resealed packs but mine was not resealed

  34. Keely Peden


    Ok, my bf and I have an addiction to Pokémon cards. These didn't disappoint.

  35. Ryan

    Seller = Awesome, Set = Ehh

    MTGbiz were kind enough to throw in a nice little plastic holder for a deck with the purchase. Set is really alot of a miss on decent pulls so far, though this sellers packaging and delivery were excellent.

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  36. J. A.

    Good stuff

    Having trouble finding Pokemon TCG product in stores? Me too. Been searching online and feeling a little nervous? Me too! Want to take a stab at some nice pack selection in a higher-quality product than the American counterpart? I did, so I bought two of these international/UK and Australia tins. I got sent the Lucario and Mew tins, the pack selection is two Vivid Voltage, one Sword and Shield base set, and one XY Breakpoint per tin. The promo cards are nice, everything was factory sealed, the tins are deeper and of a better construction quality than the US versions I'm used to, they use paper instead of plastic inserts to hold the promo card and packs, which is all great. My pulls were decent too, I got a Snorlax VMax, Manaphy EX, Leon holo, and Amphoros V, plus some reverse holos I didn't have yet. When I can't find any loose packs or checklane blisters, much less nicer premium collections in stores around me, it's nice to get a great product at a good price that isn't fake. Much appreciated.

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  37. Angela Contreras

    Well the entailing on this order says 13 tins I only received one tin

    The media could not be loaded.

  38. Mama Bear

    Happy with purchase

    My kids are into pokemon big time, and I got this as a future gift. The price was great!I got this 4 days faster than I was expecting. Very pleased!

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  39. Phil

    Not a repackaged product

    I was worried about repackaged products. The buyer J&M Collectibles sold us a genuine product. Pros-My wife was happy- The promo card is pretty cool- Not repackaged-Had a reasonable amount of hits-Fast deliveryCons-price could be lower- Found it cheaper elsewhere after ordering

  40. Generic Customer

    Don't listen to the other reviews

    I got the box, it's sealed, and everything is fine. This is my third booster box from Amazon, and I've never had a problem.Every box is random. I do not believe you are guaranteed any amount of a certain rare card. You have a better chance of getting a good card because there are 36 packs, but it isn't guaranteed.That being said, this box in particular was a good deal. The price at the time I bought this is quite a bit lower than what most of the other boxes are going for, and Battle Styles has some great cards. Grab one while you can!

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  41. Bailey Brouwer

    Mediocre Product

    Box came slightly damaged, crushed in on one of the corners. The items inside were undamaged, but the box itself is something I wanted to keep. Also, this is a pretty expensive way to buy packs, so make sure you actually want the other items included. I managed to pull an Empoleon V Alt Art, which made this purchase a huge win in my book, but the overall quality of the product is a 3/5 in my opinion.

  42. Robert D.

    Good cards

    Factory sealed no funny business, good pulls and was very happy with cards.

  43. Alan E. Felicia

    Better than Average Pull

    Booster Box was factory sealed as advertised and individual wrap were normal (not tampered in any way). Pulled 15 rare out of 36 packs (top 3 were Caitlin Secret, Flannery Secret, Shadow Rider Calyrex V full art) as I read & heard from others that its very hard to pull rare cards. Anyway great buy and thinking about buying again from this seller.

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  44. Eduar

    It’s great for a gift

    I bought this booster box seeing it was a steal for $75 so I bought it was here in 2 days and came to check the way it was packaged and it surprised me and for knowing it’s real yeah I checked it by ripping one of the cards and the durability was great so worth for the deal but not any higher

  45. Bethany

    A New Twist in Pokemon TCG

    The Battle Style expansion while it might not have quite the value for money in the cards themselves, it does bring a new style of play thanks to the new rules.

  46. Wooj

    Box was a little damaged

    Box was a little damaged but the cards were not. The cards are real and i got a lot of good pulls including 4 Secret Rares (Rainbow and Gold). All in all, worth the purchase, plus fast shipping.

  47. Paul Singleton

    It is probably for beginners

    Well this is very good for beginner pokemon collectors because it has like 5 to 6 pokemon booster packs, it comes with a guide, some dice, and other stuff. So its kinda like a starter pack ya know?

  48. Dee

    Got exactly what I purchased 100% legit no questions asked

    I was skeptical at first but once I received my box it was unopened and legit, i see a lot of reviews that say they got fake cards or opened packs but this particular purchase was exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t be happier

  49. noone

    Good enough for gifting

    Duplicates cards it’s really for beginners but not for collectors

  50. Zulupunk

    Real box?

    I seem to have got an untampered box 9 ultra rares including a full art card. Secret rares are not guaranteed. The crimp seems heavy near the flap but there's no evidence of the packs being opened and proper shrink wrap from what I can tell.

  51. Aaron

    Seemed sketchy at first but overall great product!

    After seeing some of these reviews I was concerned and when the box arrived the sealing of the plastic wrap seemed off and there was some damage to the box, which I assume happened during shipping. Once I opened the box I checked the packs. All were in perfect condition. When all was said and done about half of the packs were hits and about half of those were really good cards and the print quality was top notch as well! Overall I’m elated with this product and would buy again!!

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  52. C.S.

    Overpriced for pull rates but know that glue on packs in that one area are normal and from mfg

    Pokemon stuff is overpriced in general for the poor pull rates so I understand how the other reviewer feels, however, I've bought a lot of Pokemon and can testify that if you see glue on the top and bottom at the crimping and it does NOT go all the way across but rather is just in a small portion as shown in the pics by the other reviewer, is exactly as it comes from the mfg and has NOT been tampered with. Technically, 7 good pulls in a box of 36 is not bad...I'm usually lucky to get 1 good card in 8 packs. Don't blame sellers for bad pull rates. I've actually done business with Kstamps before and they are legit. P.S. also know that it is also normal to have a little tiny opening in the corner of the packs...I've seen this many times too with packs I know are 100% legit, direct from pokemon. If packs are missing factory sealed wrapping, completely open, and/or you open all the packs in a booster and find nothing or only 1 good card as another reviewer did, THEN you have a tampering problem.

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  53. Dylan Velez

    Great Set, not resealed

    I got this one from J & M Collectibles, It was factory sealed. The only small complain I have about this is the packaging since the box wasn't really protected but fortunately didn't receive many hits.Regarding the pulls I gotRapid Strike Urshifu VMax, Necrozma V, Rapid Strike Urshifu V, Full art Holo Cheryl, Corviknight V, Tapu Koko V, Victini VI would buy again from this seller

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  54. Andrew

    Was scared but relieved!

    Got a very good haul! Was surprised honestly that my booster box wasn't a repack after seeing all the negative reviews, but they were all in different countries so I still went through with this. A few packs looked suspicious but one pack was completely sealed and it proceeded to blast me with new card smell. Seriously spent $120 on this and came out with $101 worth of rare card pulls. Seriously was a lot of fun as this was my first time doing something like this and I had a BLAST. Cannot wait to start building my deck and playing again!

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  55. Kimberly Liss


    Amazing product!!!

  56. Jamison Valorin

    Made my mom smile

    Galarian Rapidash is my moms most favorite pokemon, and mother's day was just around the corner by the time I bought it.Once it arrived, she was really happy and seeing her smile really made my day.

  57. danielle peterson


    I got concerned after reading a lot of negative reviews stating that the seller opened and resealed the packs. But I ended up getting the red box and everything was sealed up well and I got a bunch of decent cards and a couple rares. So glad I didn't waste my money!

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  58. Amazon Customer

    Product as described - poor shipping

    The product was as described. However, it was not properly protected when shipped causing damages to the box which severely hurts its collectible value.

  59. Jessica Lingelbach

    Wasn't resealed like some

    My son got some good cards

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  60. priddysharp

    Good pulls, untampered with!

    Was sealed and got some great pulls so I know it wasn’t messed with!

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  61. Vicente Herrera

    Came with a few dents

    Dented on the side. Don't recommend if you're looking for a mint condition product.

  62. Mike

    Idk how to feel

    My chilling reign booster box was 100% poorly factory resealed. Real packs tho possibly weighed? Still pulled a blaziken vmax alt art so idk how to feel.

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