Fast Charging Dock Station for PS 5

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Fast Charging Dock Station for PS 5

Fast Charging Dock Station for PS 5,best fast charging dock station for ps4,buy ps4 fast charging dock station now.under budget

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  • PS5 CONTROLLER CHARGER STATION: Made to connect easily to your controller devices for a stable and reliable charge. Quick and fast charge for your gaming convenience.
  • KEEP CONTROLLERS ORGANIZED: Also functions as a ps5 controller stand. Organize both controllers in a neat condition while re-fueling them for your next competitive gaming session. No more misplacing controllers!
  • VIBRANT LED INDICATOR: PS5 controller dock is simple and easy to use. A red light shows that charging is in progress and a green light displays that the controller is fully charged.
  • DUAL CHARGING: PS5 dual charger never makes a player feel left out. Charge two controllers simultaneously, or use one controller while the other charges in the meantime. Made for your charging convenience.
  • POWERED BY CONSOLE OR USB: PS5 charger station can be powered by plugging directly into the PS5 console or with any standard USB port from a wall charger, laptop or portable power source
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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


19 reviews for Fast Charging Dock Station for PS 5

  1. Nathan M. Rose

    Great addition to my PS5 set up

    I was really excited when I got my PS5 (I'm sure just like many of you were). Adding this controller Charger Station made my setup complete. It charges very fast and with spaces to charge two at one time it is the perfect accessory. Talkworks made a quality product and I highly recommend it

  2. PJC

    Looks like its from Sony

    This does a great job keeping both PS5 controllers juiced up. The design looks like it was Sony designed but just at a fraction of the price.

  3. Avid Amazonian

    Excellent Cheaper Choice

    This is an excellent choice as another option. I see that it goes on sale for under 20 often and it looks like it belong to the PS5 family of products. This is nearly perfect, but here are the reasons I didn't give it 5 stars. They are nit-picky, but I figure that's what reviews are for.- The controller doesn't slide on perfectly each time. Every time I set it on the charger, I noticed that I had to tap it down into place as it was always off by about 1/8 inch... which is just enough to not charge it. This isn't a problem for me... however my kids would miss this every single time and it would never be charged after they played, leaving me in a bind if they drained the battery. HOWEVER, this is still better than the "click it into place" style of most of the others.- The needed attachment adds more bulk to the controller. This is mostly completely out of the way. I have some OCD tendencies and my fingers tap the attachment just barely, and this bothers me. But once I get playing, I really don't notice it. If you are someone who wants no attachments to your controller, this may bother you too. I assume most won't care and the convenience is worth the trade off.- No plug. In current times, it seems this is more and more common. It only comes with the USB cord. Those looking for fast charge capabilities or a plug may need to look elsewhere.Otherwise, this is great for what you get. And like I said, it looks like it belongs to the Sony line of products, so you don't have to hide it from your friends haha.

  4. Trusted Reviewer


    This is a convenient PS5 controller charging dock. It provides a neat way to store your controllers and insures they are always charged and ready for a gaming session. I like the low profile design which allows it to easily fit onto a media center self. It works fine with my controller that has a silicone skin installed but you do have to take extra care to insure good contact. Without the silicone skin, it just falls right into place with no issue.It works exactly as I expect it to and is very convenient... a home run in my book!

  5. Edcams

    finicky connection

    I like the look of this product a lot, it goes really well with the PS5 setup, but it might need a couple updates. You kinda have to move it around a bit to find the fit that it needs to start charging. And if you have any sort of sleeve on your controller, it won’t connect at all. I had to remove the sleeves I purchased for my controllers in order for them to charge. So it just seems like the connection on this one is a bit finicky.Overall I like how it looks, and it charges very fast. But those couple negatives are kind of a bummer.

  6. LV Reviews

    Works great!

    I ordered this charger station after purchasing my PS5. I have been using this charging station for several months now, and it still works great. It is slim and sleek. I like that it matches the design concept of the PS5. The charging station has light indicators which is nice as well.If you are looking for a charging station, I highly recommend this one. It is sleek and durable.

  7. Renato Carvalho

    Great looking and very functional

    certainly a great add to our layout. clean, functional and efficient

  8. SHAUN

    After 6 months doesn't hols charge as long

    I've had it since February it was working good for a few months now it occasionally will lool like controlers are fullycharged when there not.. so got to make sure it's properly on base but I'd say it's worth getting definitely enjoy it

  9. Richie

    Cheap feeling and requires multiple steps to charge

    So the feel is not good. You can tell it’s cheaply made. When you can get the PS5 Sony version for about same price. I have the Sony one as well and night day difference.But the worst is having to plug the “adapter” into your controller, then set your controller on the stand. It doesn’t just sit on there and start charging. Then you have to take off stand and unplug the adapter to start playing. A few small steps doesn’t seem like a big deal and isn’t, but when comparing to a real charging station this is a poor design.

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  10. Remi Haggler


    I couldn't deal with the long cord coming from PS5 to charge controller. This product, is amazing. Controllers sit neatly and out of the way. The only cord is to power docking station but is hidden under the base. I RATE 10/10!!

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    Charges controllers quickly

    To charge my PS5 controllers

  12. Amber


    My boyfriend loves it!

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  13. Karissa Eckert

    Convenient and works nicely!

    This charger works really well. There are two dongles that come with the charger that you plug into the USB C port on the controller and just leave in there while playing. After you are done you can just put the charger on the stand and it will slide into place pretty well.I like the aesthetics of the charger, it matches the PS5 with the white sides and black center. There are two dim lights on the front that are red when charging, and blue when it’s full, which is nice. The dongles are kinda big, and I do find my fingers hitting it sometimes while I play, which isn’t a big deal, just an observation. I do worry that if I don’t keep the dongles in controllers that I would lose them, it would be nice if they provided a way for them to be attached to the charger while not in a controller.Overall this is a nice charger and worth the price, would recommend!

  14. Amazon Customer

    Good product

    Good product

  15. 7robertsons

    Works Great

    I hate using the cords to charge controllers. This charger is really good and quick. I ended up buying one for my PS4 as well.

  16. PenKay

    Very nice charger, looks nice, works great!

    TalkWorks PS5 Controller Charger Station for PlayStation 5 - Fast Charging Dock Stand with Dual Detachable USB C AdaptersMy children are one of the lucky ones who got a PS5 after many, many attempts. I saw this charger and knew it would be beneficial. I had the teens try it, and being teens, I didn’t get much of a reaction so had to figure out how it was. It works great! I love the lights indicating if they are charged, and the controllers fit nicely. I like how nice it looks for a charger. Well worth it! Highly recommend.

  17. LT Beasimer

    Charged Up: A TalkWorks Dual Controller Charging Dock For PlayStation 5 Review

    The TalkWorks dual controller charging dock for PlayStation 5, made in China, includes the charging dock and two adapters. To use the dock, plug it in, attached an adapter to the controller’s USB-C port, and place the controller onto the dock. When seated correctly, the front of the dock will show a red indicator light for each controller. Once fully charged, the indicator lights will turn blue.I don’t care for the use of the 1” x 1” L-shaped adapters. They are simple to use but can easily be misplaced. The controller can be used with the adapter plugged in when the USB-C port isn’t needed for other accessories. Care must be taken to ensure these adapters are available for use.The TalkWorks dual controller charging dock for PlayStation 5 works well and is simple to use. If this is the charging station you’re interested in, it will get the job done.► PROS:Charges two controllers simultaneouslyEasy to see indicator lights► CONS:Small adapters may get lost

  18. CJJ

    My Boo love these

    My husband love this control charger for his PS.

  19. Larson

    Works well enough

    Overall, I like this. It does the job, it looks like it belongs with the PS5, and it's fairly unobtrusive. I also like that the controllers just sort of center themselves properly without too much effort, which means my kindergartener has no trouble getting the controller back on the charger.But I don't really like how big the adapter plug for the controller is. It's not overwhelmingly huge, but it's just big enough that I tend to bump it with my fingers while playing.

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